Another Fake Capacitor

      I've been found this capacitor inside my Sansui AU-555A Stereo Integrated Amplifier, like someone have been replaced original caps (may be old caps is dead / leakage) before i buy that amp. Unfornately the capacitor is ELNA mark on big/huge body, well i curious about that. O we'll see it now.

We see in the printed body is ELNA 10.000 uF/80v, but in datasheet we never found it. Then i make sure what capacity is?

Yeah...i caught it, only 4.38 in scale that mean 4380 uF, Oh well. This damn thing is fake. I not satisfied until brake capacitor to investigate, what is inside? from my hand is heavy like original one, but i found again that inside capactor on half volume is something like black rubber,or hard bitumen.

Becareful if you wanna buy capacitor,may be they're Counterfeit Capacitors? please recheck again price/physic condition of capacitor or other sign in capacitor body that contain some informations.

This is a good example for comparing counterfeit and real one on

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