Identify Good-Original Capacitors

       Long time ago i have mind to help people with a simple drawing that contain of typical / physical identity some big-original manufactures of capacitor. Currently i added six of them, that usually find on global market today and usually other "fake manufactured" hijacking design. This is quick drawing for guidance to pick good capacitors. Please do some search of data sheet capacitors on internet if you want make sure that capacitors is original, sometimes you can't find datasheet because of out off productions (too old), or missing datasheet from their sites. In this drawing include : Panasonic / Matshusita, Rubycon, Sanyo, ELNA, nichicon, Nippon Chemicon (UCC/NCC).

identify top-bottom section of capacitors
(Click for Larger picture)

Please inform me by leaving comment, then i will update periodically if i found some good information.

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  1. FERYNOV, thanks for posting the drawing. I definitely will use it.




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