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Layout B1 Buffer by Nelson Pass - Shunt Regulator by Salas

A Layout for DCB1 Salas Shunt Reg made by my self, for DIY purpose.

Direcet Coupled B1-Hype Version

Layout B1 Buffer by Nelson Pass - Shunt Regulator by Salas

Update 23-06-2011:

Finished pcb, i feel good at pcb made by local pcb maker. That is one marking
missing on capacitor power. Since on the bottom of capacitor not too visible.

Today is about one year, i just keep the pcb's, i try to finish this project.
Oh, my poor time to finish it. I have plan to gradually finish it.

Update 14-02-2013:

I Made mistakes in trace Relay delay section and diode masking orientation , here is my mistakes :

The Solutions are reverse front to back the  diodes and make a short jumper under pcb.

After fixing that problem my "HYPE" Salas Shunt Reg. B1 Buffer, normal and on fire!
Next time i will tweak for HOT RODED.

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